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Standing Stones

EARLY BRONZE AGE (C. 2500-1500 BC)

Ancient Echoes: the early history of a Welsh peninsula

GAZETTEER to Ancient Sites and Monuments
in north-western Wales

St Peter's Churchyard (238327)

Take B 4413 to Sam Mellteyrn. Turn left in village at Pen y Bont pub and then turn right up hill and then right again, taking the road that leads to the B 4417. You will find St Peter's churchyard a short way up this road and you will not miss the standing stone among the gravestones!

Llangwnnadl (208325)

Follow B 4417 from Tudweiliog towards Llangwnnadl. The standing stone is located about 3 miles down this road in a field on the right and is clearly visible from the road.

Pandy Saethon (287322)

Follow the B 4415 down the valley of the Afon Horon for about three-quarters of a mile and follow the steep farm track which is situated on the right just before the Inkermann Bridge. Walk up the track to the cottage and the standing stone is located nearby in a field in front of it.

Nant y Gledrydd (293364)

Follow the B 4415 from the above and take the left turning near the farmhouse marked as 'Bodgadle' on the map. Follow road for about a mile and take the first right after 'Ty'n Lon'. Follow the narrow wooded road for about a quarter of a mile and take first left. The standing stone is located in the field near the public footpath that leads to Morfa Nefyn.

Yr Eifl (359436This standing stone can be seen on the way to Tre'r Ceiri and is located in a field on the right, about halfway along the lane that takes you to the footpath which leads to the hillfort (see below for directions).

Tir Gwyn (344390/344392)

From the village of Llannor, take the road towards the house marked as 'Mela' on the map take the left turning just after this house and then first right, which takes you to Tir Gwyn farmhouse. The stones are located in a field to the right of the farmhouse

Trallwyn (379417)

Take the B 4354 to the small village of Llwyndyrys and take first right at the phonebox in the village. Follow lane towards Penfras Uchaf farmhouse. Just before the farmhouse you will see a footpath on the right. Follow this until you come to the third gate on the left. Go through this and cross the field (keeping the field wall on your left) until you come to a gap in the left corner of the field. Go through this and turn right. You will see the standing stone in the corner of the field.

Cefngraenog (455492)

Drive east for about a mile and half from Capel Uchaf and take the first left towards Graianog farmhouse. Follow this road for about a quarter of a mile until you come to a farmhouse on the right. The standing stone (and burial cairn) lies just a short way off in a field and can be reached by following the footpath that runs in front of the farmhouse.