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(1053) stone settings and mound, at 850 ft. above O.D., on the saddle between Gym Ddu and Moel Penllechog. Three rectangular enclosures, each ca. 30 ft. by 9 ft. and bounded by a single line of small boulders, are situated ca. 30 yds. N. by W., 30 yds. W., and no yds. W. respectively from a small pond. The long axis of the first points N.W. by N., and those of the other two N. Midway between the last two is a mound, axis N. by W., ca. 40 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and l ft. 6 ins. high. Condition: fair. sh 39344624   26 v 53     26 S.W. Unnoted

(1054) pillow mounds near Farm Yard, at 850 ft. above O.D. Two mounds 40 yds. apart, rectangular in plan rising to a blunt axial ridge: (i) 35 ft. long, 12 ft. wide, 3 ft. high, (ii) 36 ft. long, 9 ft. wide, 2 ft. high. Condition: good. sh 40494564         1946       26 S.W. Unnoted

     (1055) enclosures on the S.E. slopes of Gym Ddu, at 1300 ft. above O.D. A roughly circular enclosure ca. 130 ft. in diameter lies on ground tailing steeply to the S.E. The in­terior is not levelled but the lower side forms a low terrace. In general the wall is reduced to a low bank of stones 4-8 ft. thick, but enough remains to show that it was originally 3-4 ft. thick, with a core of small stones faced on both sides with larger ones. On the N. is an entrance 6 ft. wide, the w.ill slightly incurved on cither side. Adjoining the enclosure on the lower side is an annexe ca. 50 ft. wide, its eastern part destroyed.

Arch. Camb., 1950, p. 40, No. 4. Condition: poor. sh 40704647         1946      26 S.W. Unnoted

     (1057) pen-y-gaer (Fig. 84), a small fort occupying the top of an isolated hill rising to 1270 it. above O.D. The sides arc steep, with numerous rocky outcrops on the summit and E. slopes. An ancient road leads towards the fort from the N.E. (see p. Ixv).The defences consist of a single dry-built wall. Where best preserved, along the W. side, it appears to have been about 15 ft. thick; the outer face has a pronounced batter, and within the wall, about 5 or 6 ft. from the outer face, is an internal face with a slighter batter. The inner face of the rampart is similar. The internal faces, however, are only visible on the S.W. There is no evidence whether the rampart is of one or two periods of construction.

The entrance, on the W., is a passage n ft. long and 7 ft. wide; the wall faces can be traced on each side. On the S. at the entrance the outer face turns outwards and die space between it and the embedded internal face increases to about 8 ft., so that the end of the rampart is slightly clubbed. The ruins N. of the entrance may conceal a similar arrangement.

Within the enclosure are about a dozen rather ill-defined terraced platforms, ca. 20 fc. in diameter, probably the sites of wooden huts. A small trench cut into one in 1939 revealed occupation earth and a small potsherd (since lost).1

Arch. Camb., 1887, p. 252.l Unpublished information in Commission files. Condition: good. SH 42874550         27 vii 56          26 S.W.


(1058-62) early fields and dwellings near Cwm-corun. The sides ot the valley in which Cwm-corun stands are covered, between the 650 and 900 ft. contours, with well-marked cultivation terraces. These lie mostly on land at present enclosed or cultivated; they now appear as strip lynchets 100 to 200 ft. broad and up co 1000 ft. in length, but it seems probable that cross-contour boundaries have been destroyed to build modern walls. The Iynchets seem to fall into three groups. The first, near Llethr Ddu, containing two interlocking sets of strips, is probably associated with hut-group No. 1058; the second, stretching for 500 yds. between the 700 and 900 ft. contours seems to be connected with Nos. 1059 and 1060; and the third, with tour strips extending for 350 yds. between the 650 and 800 ft. contours, may belong to No. 1061.

The lynchcets are generally ca. 3 ft. high, but in (he last group they reach a height ot ca. 10 ft.

(1058) enclosed hut-group near Farm Yard (Fig. >S5), at 850 ft. above O.D. on ground falling gently to the S. Where best preserved the enclosing wall, of earth faced with stone, stands i ft. 6 ins. high and is 4 ft. thick, but the site has been much robbed. Condition: ruined. sh 40414570         22 ix 48  26 S.W. Unnoted

    (1059) enclosed hut-group E. of Cwm-corun (Fig. 86), at 850 ft. above O.D. on ground falling generally to the S.W. The site has been much robbed, but the N. hut, which is cur into the hillside, is fairly well preserved. The enclosure forms an irregular pentagon.  Condition: ruined. sh 40604540        28 ix 48     26 S.W. Unnoted

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