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(1060) enclosed hut-group (traces of), S.E. of Cwm-corun, appearing as a round levelled area ca. 90 ft. in diameter, at 750 ft. above O.D., cut into ground falling genty to the S.W.

Condition: almost destroyed. sh 40564519        23 ix 48     26 S.W. Unnoted.

    (1061) enclosed hut-group near Llain-llan (Fig. 87) at 735 ft. above O.D. on ground falling to the S.W. The group is cut into the ground on the N. and terraced out to a height of 8 ft. on the S. The enclosing wall is 10-12 ft. thick, faced with orthostats. The remains are generally in good condition, save that the N. side has been destroyed bv a modem road and a break has been made through the enclosure-wall on the E.........S. of the group is a later long hut, with walls 2 ft. 6 ins. thick and high.

Antiquity. 1951, p. 180. Fig. 3.

Condition: ruined. sh 40764497        

    (1062) round hut, N. ofLlain-Uan, at 750 ft. above O.D.

on ground falling to the S.W. The hut is 26 ft. 4 ins. in diameter, with a wall 5 ft. 4 ins. thick and 2 ft. high, with good orthostadc facing on both sides. Condition: good. sh 40854498         ii vi 46     26 S.W. Unnoted

1063) hut-groups AND huts near Tyddyn-mawr, at 800 ft. above O.D. in ground falling to the S.W. The best preserved feature is a trapezoidal enclosure (Fig. 88), containing traces of three round and one or two sub-rectangular buildings. The site is much ruined, but the enclosing wall appears to be ca. 5 ft. thick, of rubble faced with orthostats; the entrance was probably on the S. A hundred yards N.W. of this group are three huts appearing as hollows ca. 20 fr. in diameter;

30 yds E. of it is a rectangular terrace, ca. 130 ft. square, with traces of one rectangular and two round huts; this is probably the site of another enclosed hut-group. No stone walling remains except in the first hut-group.

The sites lie m an area of small early terraced fields covering ca. 14 acres (Fig. 89),

Condition: of fields, good; of huts, poor. sh 42684513        26 v 53     26 S.W. Unnoted

(1064) enclosed hut-group near Cwmceiliog (Fig. 90), on the W. side of a valley at 800 ft. above O.D. A roughly circular enclosure apparently containing one or two sub-rectangular and three circular buildings. It is bounded by a bank of earth and small stones, the remains of a wall which survives only on the N.W. where it is 5 ft. thick. On the E. the bank follows the edge of a terrace 7 ft. high.

A system of small terraced fields (Fig. 91) extends N. and S. from the hut-group, covering an area ofca. 5 acres berwcen the 800 and 900 ft. contours. The terraces are 1-5 ft. in height.

Condition: much mined.

(1065) enciosed hut-group near Galleyceiliog, at 600 ft. above O.D. on ground falling to the N. A rectangular en­closure ca. 100 ft. by 70 ft.; the area is intersected by modem field walls and partly obscured by a pile of loose stones. The enclosure is visible as a slight bank, best preserved on the S., where it is 3 ft. high. There are traces ot circular huts, each ca. 20 ft. in diameter, on the N.W. side, in the W. corner and on the S.E. side; and possibly of other structures. Slight remains of a system of lynchctted fields are visible below the hut-group. Condition: poor. sh 37424558          1947       25 S.E. Unnoted

(1066) round-hut group (remains of) near Pentre-bach at 550 ft. above O.D. An artificial terrace ca. 60 ft. by 45 ft., cut into the slope of the hill, probably marks the site of a hut-group to which a series of lynchetted fields on the S. and W, slopes of Moelfre belonged.

Condition: destroyed.

33 N.W. Unnoted    SH 39I5442I   1947

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