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Hut Groups and Platform Sites. 3

(1067) enclosed hut-group and fields near Maes-y-cwm. The hut-group lies at 5oo ft. above O.D. and consists of a roughly oval enclosure ca. 100 ft. from N.E. to S.W. by 60 ft. wide. The bank is much ruined and no details of con­struction can be made out, but on the lower (S.E.) side it still stands to a height of 8 ft.; on this side a gap 10 ft. wide probably represents the entrance. The central part of the enclosure may have been a courtyard but is filled with stones from field clearance. On the N.W. side of the enclosure is a rectangular building 26 ft. by 19 ft., its S.W. side overlain by a modem field wall. There arc traces of other buildings in the enclosure, particularly on the S.W., but their plan cannot be made out.

The hut-group lies among an extensive system of terraced fields occupying the E. and S. slopes of Mod Penllcchog between 500 and 850 ft. above O.D. and covering an area roughly 1000 yds. long from N.E. to S.W. and 350 yds. wide. The fields are demarcated by scarps from 3 to 6 ft. high, often occupied by modem field boundaries. The enclosures arc   roughly rectangular but there is a tendency, particularly in the northern part of the area, for those terraces  Rwhich follow the contours to predominate; this may merely be due to the less effective resistance of cross-contour boundaries to modern cultivation, but it might indicate the superposition of medieval strip lynchets on the earlier system.

Condition: hut-group much denuded, terraces good. sh 39144573        29 iv 47    26 S.W. Unnoted

(1068) hut-group near Cwmceiliog-bach, at 850 ft. above O.D. A roughly circular terraced area ca. 100 ft. in diameter, occupying the comer of a modem field, probably indicates the site of a destroyed enclosed hut-group. Old cultivation terraces are visible in the field to the S., and eastwards as far as Cwmceiliog-bach.

Condition: almost destroyed. sh 41714489         1946      26 S.W. Unnoted

1069) huts and wails on the W. spur of Gym Ddu at 1400 ft. above O.D. (Fig. 92). Four small round or oval huts and traces of walling, perhaps the remains of enclosures, on level stony ground. The walls are poorly built of piled stones though Hut 3 shows signs of orthostatic construction.

Arch. Camb., 1950, p. 42, No. 6.

Condition: poor. sh 39754673        3i ix 48    26 S.W. Unnoted

(1070) huts and enclosures on the N. side of Gym Ddu at 1350 ft. above O.D. (Fig. 93). A group of small round huts and associated paddocks on rough scree-strewn slopes, facing N. above a precipitous drop into a narrow glen. The main group, of nine huts, lies on the N.; with one exception all the dwellings are situated on a platform at the upper end of the enclosures. The plots are largely cleared of stones, but patches of scree remain. Two more huts lie on a higher, marshy shelf to the S. and a single hut lies to the E. at the foot of a scree slope. The huts and enclosure walls are very roughly built of piled stones, with a dry-stone facing visible only here and there. Some of the huts have been rebuilt as sheep-shelters.

Arch. Camb., 1950, p. 41, No. 5.

Condition: poor. SH 40264711        2i ix 48   26 S.W. Unnamed

(1071) huts and fields of dispersed type, on the western slopes of Moel Bronymiod at 950 ft. above O.D. Small areas are cleared of stones, with here and there lines of stones suggest­ing old field boundaries, and vague traces of small circular huts. Higher up, in a small hollow at the foot of the steeper hill­side, is a round hur 11 ft. in diameter, cut into the slope on the upper (N.E.) side and terraced out on the lower; the wall is 2-3 ft. thick, of roughly piled stones.

Arch. Comb., 1950, p. 40, No. 3.

Condition: very poor.26 S.W. Unnoted 21 IX. SH 40794554

(1072) round hut near Fronheulog. at 850 ft. above O.D.;

lO-ll ft. in diameter, its wall 3 ft. thick and 2 ft. high, with orthostatic faces (the core has largely gone). The position of the entrance is uncertain; a gap 2 ft. wide on the S. appears to lead to a much ruined structure, of which only the E. wall, 8 ft. long, survives.

Arch. Camb., 1950, p. 40, No. 2; the enclosures there shown do not appear sufficiently definite for record.

Condition: poor. sh 39654601        26 v 53    26 S.W. Unnoted

(1073) round hut, at 1100 ft. above O.D. on the steep

western slopes of Pen-y-gaer- The hut stands on a small platform and is 16 ft. in diameter, constructed of roughly faced walling 2 ft. thick and I ft. high.

Condition: poor. sh 42734556         1946     26 S.W. Unnoted