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Mynydd Carnguwch (374429)

From Llithfaen, follow the road to Llanaelhaearn for about a mile and take the path that leads past the farm buildings marked 'Hafod' on the map. This path runs around the bottom of Mynydd Carnguwch and from here, you can reach the cairn on the summit. However, a word of warning - although the cairn is hugely impressive, it is a steep climb to the top of Mynydd Carnguwch!

Tre'r Ceiri (374447)

This much ruined cairn can be seen when visiting the hillfort at Tre'r Ceiri and is situated on the highest point of the site (see below).

Yr Eifl (365448)

The best way to reach the two cairns on the western peak of the mountain, is by following the path which leads from the foot of Tre'r Ceiri to its summit. Again, it should be pointed out that this is also not an easy climb, though it is one that is well worth the effort.

Gyrn Ddu eastern summit (406467)

From the Gyrn Ddu standing stone, walk around to the back of the derelict farmhouse and you will find a public footpath, which takes you through the uplands to the pass below Bwlch Mawr. Follow this footpath over two stiles and after the second stile, to your right you will see the remains of a prehistoric farm (possibly Iron Age), which is well worth a look. After this carry on for a short way until you see a 19th century field wall on your left, climbing up the eastern summit of Gym Ddu. The cairns can be reached by following this field wall, which passes through the two cairns. Again, this is a strenuous climb, but as with the other cairns that are hard to reach, there are superlative views from these two monuments.

Western summit (396466)

The cairn is located at the southern end of the summit and can be reached by climbing up its tumbled slopes, though be careful when doing so (do not climb summit when it is wet).

It is also worth mentioning here that the remains of a prehistoric settlement can be seen about 450 yards to the north-west of the western summit and you may wish to visit this. To reach the settlement, walk to the summit's northern end and cross the wall that you will see. Walk downhill for a short way and you will not only find the settlement, but will also be rewarded with a breathtaking view.

Bwlch Mawr (425477)

From the probable Iron Age farm near Gyrn Ddu eastern summit, continue walking along the footpath for about a mile and a half until you come to a stile below the summit of Bwlch Mawr. Cross this and skirting the boulder field head north to the summit of the mountain and you will find the cairn not far from an Ordnance Survey triangulation point.

Foel Gron (300313)

From the car park at the foot of Foel Gron, follow the path which leads to its summit and you will easily see the cairn.

Cefngraeanog (455491)

This small, kerbed cairn lies just in front of the Cefngraeanog standing stone (see above).

Mynydd Rhiw cairns (232294, 232296)

From the site of the axe factory keep following the path to the summit of the headland and you will find the cairns spread along the ridge below the summit (you will see the largest cairn as you approach it from a distance).

Garn Fadrun (280351)

This cairn can be found by climbing the summit above the cluster of huts that are located on the western side of the hillfort's interior.

Burial Mounds & Cairns

Burial Cairns & Beaker Graves RECORDS FOR THE LLYN PENINSULA