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Tan y Muriau (237287) (5) (6)

Follow B 4413 towards the village of Botwnnog and follow the signs for Rhiw/Plas yn Rhiw (the main coastal road to Rhiw has been diverted because the cliff edge is very unstable just below Plas yn Rhiw country house (though at the time of writing, a new road is being built further up from the cliff). After skirting the lower slopes of Mynydd Rhiw you will drop down towards Plas yn Rhiw and just before the entrance into the estate, you will see a track on your left and a signpost for Tan y Muriau farmhouse. The long cairn is situated in a field, just behind the farmhouse.

The area around Rhiw is rich in ancient remains and you may also want to visit the ruined tomb at Bronheulog, Fynnon Aelrhiw holy well, Bryn Meillion hillfort, the standing stone at Capel Tan y Foel, the hillfort on Mynndd y Graig and the Neolithic axe factory and Early Bronze Age burial cairns on Mynydd Rhiw (see below for directions to these sites and monuments). The fine country house and beautiful gardens at Plas yn Rhiw are also worth a visit (house and gardens owned by National Trust so not open all year round).

Y Ffor (399384) (7)

Follow A499 north out of Pwllheli to the village of Y Ffor. Just before the village you will see a farm track on the right, which leads down to Cromlech farm. Walk down this for a short way until you see farm buildings on your left and a field gate on your right. The tomb lies nearby in the field adjacent to the gate. Tir-Bach standing stone lies only about 1 mile from here (see below for directions).

Mynydd Cilan (300235)

Follow road out of Abersoch towards Mynydd Cilan and keep going for about 2 miles until you see a silver National Trust sign for 'Muriau' on your left. Follow farm track to stile and follow path across fields (going through the left-hand gate) down to a secluded cove. Cross over small bridge and walk up sloping field to the metal gate at its top. Over this gate you will see the capstone of the ruined burial chamber lying in the adjacent field.

Bronheulog (231281)

From Ffynnon Aelrhiw (for directions to well see 'Holy well' below) bear left across fields, heading in a south-easterly direction for about 350 yards and you will see the ruined tomb lying in a slightly sloping field.

Penarth (430510)

Take minor road that leads inland from the village of Aberdesach, about a mile from Clynnog Fawr. About a quarter of a mile up this road you will come to a metal gate and just over this in the adjacent field you will see the small, collapsed tomb.

Mynydd Rhiw Neolithic axe factory (234299)

From National Trust car park at foot of Mynydd Rhiw follow footpath to summit of the headland until you come to the point where a small path leaves the main one. Just to the right of this small fork in the path you will see an expanse of gorse bordered by a stone wall. This is the location of the axe factory and you should be able to make out distinct hollows marking the Neolithic workings.

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