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(1074) platform house, Tyddyn-mawr, at 800 ft. above O.D. on ground falling gently to the S.W. (Fig. 89). A levelled platform ca. 40 ft. N.W.-S.E. by 30 ft., with a hood wall is bisected by a modern wall which overlies the S.E. side of a much-ruined long hue ca. 28 ft. N.E.-S.W. by 15 ft. The hut walls, where best preserved (on the S.W.), are formed of large angular boulders laid flat and presenting smooth inner and outer faces ca. 6 ins. high. Condition: poor. sh 42764504         1946      26 S.W. Unnoted

(1075) hut platforms near Melin Penllechog, at 450 ft. above O.D. A platform ca. 36 ft. by 30 ft. is cut into ground falling steeply to the N.W. Below is another platform 15 ft. wide. Both are probably the sites of long huts. Condition: huts destroyed. sh 38994508          1947       25 S.E. Unnoted

(1076) building near Ty'n-y-foel at 850 ft. above O.D. The structure contains two rooms forming an L-shaped block. Both are cut into the slope on the W. to a depth o£ ca. 3 ft., but to the E. the ground is fairly level. The N. room is 24 ft. E.-W. by 15 ft.; at its S.E. comer a doorway opens in the S. wall leading to the N.E. comer of the smaller room, 12 ft. E.~W. by 18 ft- From this, an opening 10 ft. wide at die N. end of the E. wall leads to a corridor of the same width, which runsE. for 17 yds. Its N. wall then turns N., ending after 4 yds.; the S. wall turns S. for 3 yds., then E. for 8 yds., then S. again ending after 12 yds. at a modern wall. The walls are of earth and small stones, faced with boulders, and stand one course high. Condition: ruined. sh 39334600         26 v 53 .^26 Si'W'". Unnoted   

(1077) long hute O Cwm-corun, at 900 ft. above O.D. A rectangular building of dry-stone masonry, 23 ft. long from JE.N.E. to W.S.W. and 7 ft. 6 ins. wide. The walls arc 3 ft. thick and average 2 ft. in height, the upper end wall reaching 3 ft. A doorway 2 ft. 6 ins. wide is placed centrally in the N. wall. The structure is probably an early hafod.

Condition: ruined. sh 4076453 3        23 ix 48    26 S.W. " Sheepfold"

(1078) long hut S.E. of Gym Ddu, at 1150 ft. above O.D., 24 ft. by 13 ft., axis E.-W. parallel with the contours. The walls, of large boulders, are 3 ft. thick and up to 2 ft. high. There is an entrance at the E. end of the N. wall; from the N.E. comer a wall, perhaps one side of an enclosure, runs N. for 45 ft.

Condition: fair.

26 S.W. Unnoted

sh 40694630

(1079) long hut near Fronheulog, at 850 ft. above O.D. The remains of a rectangular building, axis N.N.E.-S.S.W., 9 ft. wide and more than 12 ft. long (the N. end is destroyed). The walls are of rough stone, earth covered. Condition: very poor. sh 39734600        26 v 53     26 S.W. Unnoted

(1080) long hut, on the N.E. slopes of Tre'r Ceiri at 700 ft. above O.D. The hut measures 44 ft. by 18 ft.; the plan has been disguised by the removal of material.  Condition: ruined. sh 37884501          1947       25 S.E. Unnoted  See also long hut described under No. 1061.

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